Rearview Ghost

by Betty Boyd

Gusty. Edgy. Determined. This is the sound of Rearview Ghost, a local Huntsville, AL Rock band.

Rearview Ghost was formed in 2006 by Josia (lead vocals/songwriter) and Flip Cooper (bass/songwriter). Josia's knock-the-door-down vocals and style are exactly what a female rock singer should be.

The rock genre is dominated by male leads, but this has not detracted Josia who "wants to refine women's role in music". She wants to see more women bust the door down in music, specifically modern rock.

Josia was drawn to music because of the "freedom on the stage, energy to connect to the audience every time".   She keeps changing and growing in her approach. She credits influences from artists such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Freddie Mercury, Bono of U2, just to name a few.

Rearview Ghost's name came from a compilation of different ideas. Its true meaning is learning from the past and what may be hidden there. The band is comprised of four members, Josia-lead vocals/songwriter, Flip Cooper-bass/songwriter, Craig Shadix-vocals/guitar/songwriter and Eddie Carpenter-drums.

This band has great energy and power in their performance, as was confirmed by their recent concert opening for My Darkest Days at Crossroads Cafe in Huntsville. Josia has a rawness and confidence that makes her a female lead vocalist to be reckoned with. Due to the Rearview Ghost's influences you can see why this band has all the makings of a great rock and roll band.

Their debut CD entitled "Rearview Ghost" was released March of 2012 and has twelve incredible tracks. The three that stand out the most are "Lonely," in which Josia channels vocal stylings similar to that of Pat Bentar, "Mind What you Say" a very edgy and strong track, and "Tick-Tock" which has great licks and makes you want to get up and dance.

Rearview Ghost is unique because of their variety of tastes and influences, their true rock nature, raw energy, and not being something they are not. The music itself is down to earth and direct.

Rearview Ghost future plans are doing singles, selling songs to movies, and making videos to promote the band. You will not be disappointed by listening to or seeing Rearview Ghost in concert. Josia says it best when you can "be in the music without being female."

You can reach Rearview Ghost on their Facebook page which is at